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Casa Vegana de la Comunidad

 Following our food relief efforts after Hurricane Maria, we decided to establish a permanent headquarters on the island- a center that now serves as a hub for both volunteers and the community alike. Located in San Juan, Puerto Rico, La Casa Vegana de la Comunidad hosts a variety of weekly workshops, events, and trainings revolving around veganism, justice, and sustainability.

Meet the Organizers

Behind all of the events and community outreach efforts is a dedicated team of individuals who donate their time and energy to making the center a reality- learn a bit about them below!

Center Director- INTERIM

Nicole Giovanna is a vegan of five years and recent law school graduate from the University of Puerto Rico School of Law. She has a Bachelors degree in Political Science from the University of Puerto Rico, as well as took courses in Human Rights and Anti Discriminatory Policies from Universidad del Sagrado Corazón Master’s program. While in law school, Nicole worked in the Legal Aid Immigration Clinic, took part in Organización Nacional por los Derechos de Animales (ONDA, National Organization for the Rights of Animals), Helped families of disabled children file their class action claims against the Puerto Rico public school system, and after hurricane Maria went to low income, mostly undocumented, housing settlements to provide immigration legal aid. She is fully committed to bettering the lives of her community, and the animals.

Cindy Negron
Director of Marketing

A certified Coach and Educator in Vegan Lifestyle (VLCE) by the Main Street Vegan Academy, Cindy is the creator of Veganizalo- a project that shares comfort vegan food and vegan education through workshops and online content. Cindy is also the first official employee of Chilis on Wheels!

Events of the Month...

Casa Vegana de la Comunidad hosts weekly events and workshops related to veganism, justice, and sustainability. Check back every month for updated content and make sure to RSVP below! 

April 7
Vegan Cooking Class

In this cooking class we’ll teach 2 recipes to use cauliflower. 

April 28
Vegan Dessert Workshop for Kids

In these workshops kids will learn and make their own desserts.

Volunteer Opportunities!

Whether you live here on the island, visiting for vacation, or looking to stay with us at Casa Vegana de la Comunidad to work with us, check out the volunteer opportunities below!

Help us set up for events here at the house! We need help with tasks such as set up, signing our guests in, cleaning up, and everything in-between.

We are always looking for volunteers that will represent Chilis on Wheels in health fairs, block parties, Veg-Fests and other events by providing information on our organization and helping recruit volunteers and supporters.

We provide meal shares to different communities several times during the week. For an exhaustive list of current communities and towns we serve, please get in touch with us. We start prepping and cooking at 9am and serve the communities promptly at noon. 

Welcome to Our Microsanctuary

“A microsanctuary starts from the premise that our space and our resources, no matter how limited, often are still sufficient for us to provide sanctuary to individual animals in order to prevent them from ever again being used as commodities.” The Microsanctuary Movement


Sweet, affectionate, and kind, Silencio was our first resident of Casa Vegana de la Comunidad. In April of 2018, she was rescued from a stray dog’s mouth in Vega Baja by Angel, one of the people we serve. 


Still a baby, Julia was also rescued in Vega Baja in August of 2018. Offered a dollar in exchange for taking the chick, one of our clients accepted the deal and later realized that Julia would be better off in our care.


Donation Wish List...

Thanks to the generous donations of our supporters, we are able to continue serving the island of Puerto Rico. Reach out to us below to coordinate a donation drop off!


Bottled Waters or Juice

Canned Black Beans 

Canned Pinto Beans

Canned Red Beans 

Tomato Sauce 

Canned Tomatoes



Canned Fruit

Cookies or granola bars 

Fresh produce 

Olive Oil

Chili Powder

Vegan Dog Food



Disposable Bowls

Disposable Plates

Disposable Utensils

Disposable cups

Paper Towels

Toaster Oven


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